Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Declaration

Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Declaration and (LCA and EPD) provide extensive information of the product impact on all the environmental aspects throughout its life cycle, starting from the production stage and ending with disposal.

The EPD is currently required in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and in the following years in Denmark (2023) and Finland (2024). Discussions about the implementation of the given regulation in Latvia are currently ongoing.

By performing LCA and EPD, the company will benefit in:

  1. Optimization and innovation: the results of the analysis allow to reveal the weak and strong sides of the production process, allowing more focused efficiency optimization.
  2. Competition: companies can attract consumers who prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly products.
  3. Available information and trust: promotes open dialogue and trust, allowing stakeholders to assess the environmental impact of a product based on verified data.
  4. Compliance with regulations and standards: can ensure compliance with the regulations of other European countries.

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