We are an environmental consulting services company that became operational in 2006. Today we are providing services and consultancies in Latvia and abroad. The best work evaluation is our clients with whom we continue the cooperation since the beginning of our activity.



Ivars Pavasars

Board Member

PhD, Linköping University (Sweden)

MSc. in Chemistry,
University of Latvia


Mobile: +371 29429109

Ilze Puķīte

Board Member

MSc. in Environmental Sciences,
University of Latvia


Mobile: +371 26542378


RB Rail, JSC (Rail Baltica project implementers)

Latvijas valsts meži, JSC (state forest management authority)

Latvijas valsts ceļi, SJSC (state road network management authority)

Riga City Council's Committee for Communication and Transport Affairs

The Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia

Riga International Airport, SJSC

Valmieras piens, JSC (food manufacturing company)

Madara Cosmetics, JSC (natural cosmetics manufacturing company)

VALPRO, Ltd (metalworking company)

Rettenmeier Industry Latvia, Ltd (woodworking company)

Stora Enso Packaging, Ltd (packaging manufacturing company)


Environmental impact assessment

Roads A4 (Rīga ringroad) and A7 (Ķekava ringroad)

Wind park in Tārgale parish, Ventspils county

Dolomite deposit “Purmales” in Iecava county

Peat deposits “Lielais Aknīstes purvs” in Aknīste county and “Ķirbas” in Rucava county

Sand-gravel deposits:
- “Stradiņi” in Varakļāni county
- “Lorupe-III” in Sigulda county
- “Ošukalni-Cekules” in Ūdrīši parish, Krāslava county
- “Akmensdzirnavas” Birzgale parish, Ķegums county
- “Lido” Smārde parish, Engure county

Sapropel extraction in Istalsna lake Isnauda parish, Ludza county

Baltic Breeders Ltd pig complex in Jaunbērze parish, Dobele county

More than 30 strategic environmental impact assessments for territory plans, development programs and field planning documents.

Polluting activity permits and their requirements

More than 200 applications for polluting activity permits.

Environmental supervision of the polluting permit condition fulfilment (nature resources tax calculations, report preparation) for 20 companies.

EU Statistical Projects

Land Use/Cover Area frame statistical survey commissioned by EUROSTAT (the statistical office of the European Union) conducted in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018 in cooperation with EFTAS GmbH, Germany.

Land Use/Cover Area frame statistical survey commissioned by EUROSTAT conducted in Latvia and Lithuania in 2007.